Dana M. Moss is a Ph.D. candidate in the University of California, Irvine’s graduate program in Sociology and a William Podlich Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy. Her research interests include collective action, repression, and state regimes; transnational activism and Arab diasporas; culture and social change; the Middle Eastern region; and qualitative and comparative methods.  Her dissertation will compare how anti-regime activists within Libyan, Yemeni, and Syrian diasporas mobilized to support the “Arab Spring” revolutions in 2011 and beyond.

Dana’s forthcoming article in Mobilization: An International Journal examines how activists in the Kingdom of Jordan, a “liberalized” authoritarian state, adapt and respond to repressive tactics wielded by the regime and the Intelligence apparatus. The study shows how the tactical interactions taking place between the regime and its challengers produce a process of contained escalation, which has prevented reform-oriented movements from inciting revolution. She is also revising a jointly-authored manuscript with Distinguished Professor David A. Snow about the role of spontaneity in collective active events, and has worked with Professor David J. Frank on a project examining cross-national changes in the criminal regulation of sex between 1965 and 2005. Dana is the recipient of a Pre-Dissertation Fellowship from the American Institute of Yemeni Studies (2012), the University of California Human Rights Fellowship (2011), and UCI’s Kugelman Citizen Peacebuilidng Research Fellowship (2011 and 2013), among other awards.

Dana worked as the Research Associate for the Department of Sociology at Villanova University from 2006 until 2010; she obtained an interdisciplinary M.A. from Villanova in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Middle Eastern studies.  In 2009, Dana attended the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies in Yemen’s capital for intensive summer Arabic study, and in 2011, she studied advanced Arabic as a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship in ‘Amman, Jordan.  She is also a co-director of the Yemen Peace Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Americans about Yemen and promoting understanding between Americans and Yemenis.

Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Dana completed her undergraduate degree at Loyola University in Maryland (then Loyola College) in Sociology, Creative Writing, and Gender Studies.  She currently resides with her husband and her two dogs in southern California.